MBA Luxury Brand Management

MBA Luxury Brand Management
Class of 2016-2017

Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet the Students - Angela Gutierrez from Colombia

•   What were you doing before you joined the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management program?

Before joining the program, I had been working for almost 6 years in the aftersales division of General Motors in Colombia. I held positions in supply chain, pricing and most recently in marketing, where I handled product development, worked with CRM initiatives for the Chevrolet dealers and coordinated commercial strategies with insurance companies.

•   Why did you decide to join the MBA?

I reached a point of my career where I felt I had to do a switch in order to work in an industry I felt very passionate about. From an early age I have had a passion for cosmetics and fragrances, and the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management was the perfect match for me as it allowed me not only to continue my academic growth but to acquire tools and knowledge to successfully do a career switch. It also gives me the the opportunity to have a vision and better understanding of the industry I am interested in. ESSEC has strong relations with some of the most renowned and successful groups in the luxury industry like LVMH and L’Oreal, which was a key factor for me to enroll in the program.

•   What do you hope to achieve throughout the year?

I expect to broaden my knowledge of the luxury industry and open my mind to a more international context. I also hope to learn more from my fellow classmates from their experiences prior to starting the program. So far, my experience has been extremely rewarding, I have been able to learn from experts in different fields of the industry what are the challenges they face in their everyday jobs, as well as their perspectives on how to enhance the luxury customer experience. I have also understood that culture and history highly influence the success of luxury houses, and that teamwork is crucial in achieving results. I look forward to further deepen my knowledge through the field trips and the field project.

•   What are your professional goals after you finish the MBA?

My main goal is to start my career in the luxury industry, particularly focused in cosmetics and fragrances. I am aiming for a position in travel retail or business development for a beauty brand, as I would like to work in a challenging environment where I can continuously learn and develop further an international profile.

•   What advice would you give to someone who is applying to the program?

I would suggest to do your research before joining the program and try to figure out what part of the industry you like the most. Managing beauty brands is quite different than managing a fashion brand or a jewelry brand. Be open minded, disciplined and set your objectives from the start. This will allow you to better take advantage of this one year, because time flies! Also, it is very important to share your knowledge with your fellow classmates, this is a very enriching experience especially if you take the time to know everyone, your classmates are your first professional contacts in this industry if you are doing a career switch.